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Courtney Folk

April 11, 20232 min read


#277 Courtney Folk is an accomplished business leader and Co-Founder/CEO of Renewal Logistics and Renew, the largest independent apparel disaster restoration services business in the US. With her innovative leadership and business acumen, she saved a significant fashion brand over $12 M in losses and prevented the loss of a valuable relationship worth over $100M per year.

Courtney has expanded Renewal Logistics to offer a fully integrated solution for apparel companies, including value-added services and returns refurbishment. She is a recognized expert in the field and a sought-after speaker at industry events. 

Courtney advises establishing core values for your business or organization and making them a guiding principle in decision-making and hiring processes. She emphasizes the importance of promoting trust and discretionary effort as core values that can help a business grow and succeed. By being transparent about the company culture and expectations from the outset, the speaker believes it is easier to attract and retain the right employees with the same values and work ethic. 

Courtney also emphasizes the importance of having an external lens to show where a company can improve and learn.

Courtney's shout-out was for Esther Kestenbaum, the former president of Ruby Has, who scaled the business from 17 million to 170 million in three years. The speaker finds her an incredible inspiration and advisor, especially as she is working with a company about the same size as the one Esther started with.

Ways to Connect with Courtney:

I highly suggest you watch this entire exchange between Courtney Folk and ⭐️ Todd Westra 📈

What’s in this podcast episode?

00:00 Intro

02:35 Who is our guest today, and what is her business

02:58 What problems do they solve

04:31 What countries do they currently work with

08:01 Her company journey and the part that she enjoyed the most

10:12 A process or solution that helps them solve customers' problems

11:02 Their most top viewed products on Amazon

11:34 How do they solve the logistical issues of other companies

13:25 How do they help point out the red flags or problems of their new client

16:10 Her top 3 favorite core values of their company that attracts the right people and support the organization's growth.

20:21 Her view of meeting people like Todd Westra

21:04 Someone that inspires her to keep going

22:26 Where to find and connect with Courtney and her business

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