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Colson Steber

March 28, 20232 min read


#271 Colson Steber is the Co-CEO of two companies: Communications for Research, a research logistics company, and Ag Access. He has experience in implementing strategies and market research, as well as teaching medical statistics and personal finance at universities. He holds an MBA and a bachelor's degree in finance and economics from the University of Missouri. Additionally, he is a member of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization of St. Louis.

He visualizes entrepreneurship as a vehicle for personal self-development and investing back into their own growth. Colson also stressed that the hardest challenge was fighting against their ignorance and realizing they needed outside help but needed more resources. They learned the hard way through financial outcomes and have since stopped trying to be the hero and solve everything themselves.

Colson's mantra is focused on taking intentional actions toward ten acts, finding joy, and experiencing wonder. He also believes as a leader, his goal is to build a community that creates opportunities. 

Mike Michalowicz, an entrepreneur and author, has significantly influenced the company's business strategy. Specifically, his book "The Pumpkin Plan" helped the company narrow down its focus and target a specific niche in the agricultural industry. By following Michalowicz's advice, the company was able to identify a profitable and sustainable business model. 

He wants to shout out his friend, Tim Petron, as he is someone in his network which has helped them immensely over the last four years. Tim was a partner at a management consulting firm that focused on creating safe and trusting workplace environments. Tim helped him learn how to be the type of leader he wanted to be.

I highly suggest you watch this entire exchange between Colson Steber and ⭐️ Todd Westra 📈

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What’s in this podcast episode?

00:00 Intro

02:01 About our guest

02:44 Problem their business is solving

04:10 How long have they been running their business

04:55 Benefit and the disadvantage that he gains from joining his father's business

06:29 What it's been like working with his dad's business

09:17 Favorite part of his whole experience

10:29 Hardest challenge and what he did to overcome it

12:38 What's their decision process looks like

14:45 Who helps him decide what niche they should be targeting

16:41 What kind of entrepreneur was his dad 

18:33 Someone that inspires him and looks up to

20:55 Where can we find Colson

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